Core Values

Your INDEPENDENT Candidate for Sheriff

Residents of Hennepin County,

Our communities have experienced a devastating last couple of years. We’ve seen dangerous rhetoric invade the mission of law enforcement that we need to keep our streets safe. And as Minneapolis burned last year, our Hennepin County Sheriff was nowhere to be found.  No action. No plan. Not even an explanation.

That’s because he had a political party to cater to. Here’s the thing about law enforcement: it should not be political, it should not be compromised by partisan talking points, it should only be concerned about public safety. 

Being a veteran police officer myself, I know what our cops go through on a day-to-day basis. Our cops should feel supported while we strive to improve our law enforcement function. And our communities should feel both respected and safe. It’s time to make public safety a priority once again for all of Hennepin County.

My priorities as sheriff will be to work with youth and community outreach programs, to show leadership in our communities to prevent crime, and to reform the mission of the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office. I believe we can both support law enforcement and reform it. Because this is not an either/or issue – it’s an and/both solution.

I will not seek the endorsement or blessing of any political party. Instead, I will work for YOU. My party is the people of Hennepin County, and restoring safety on our streets will be my only mission.

If you’re fed up like I am with politics dictating our law enforcement policies, I’m your candidate for Hennepin County Sheriff. Whether you usually vote Republican or Democrat, or if you usually don’t vote at all, I’m asking for your support. Let’s put politics aside and get back to public safety. I’m ready and prepared to lead as your independent sheriff!

Jai Hanson

People. Not Politics.

  • Support our Police

    The last year has been a tumultuous year for law enforcement in Hennepin County. We've seen our cities burn and our police officers demonized, while violent crime is at historic levels. It is not acceptable.

    As violence erupted and our cities lost control, our current Hennepin County Sheriff stood by on the sidelines. We can work on long-term community policing solutions, but we must have our officers' backs right now! Judging all of them based on a few bad apples is WRONG. We cannot continue to hemorrhage good officers because of political smears.

    As Hennepin County Sheriff, I will be a strong advocate for our police! Our cops will have a vocal leader and advocate again - one who won't stay on the sidelines when the integrity of our officers is questioned.

  • Community Engagement and Support

    Hennepin County must be a leader in engaging communities. People should see our cars, know our cops, and understand that they have a force that SERVES them - no matter their economic circumstance.

    Police Reform is already happening at the state legislature. We need to build trust with our communities to restore confidence in law enforcement. As a leader in law enforcement, who deals with people everyday - I will help bring that attitude to the Sheriff's Office!

  • Transparency and Communication

    The Hennepin County Sheriff's office should be a leader. There have been several instances where our current Sheriff has not held press conferences on controversial events. We need a leader who will tell the truth, even if it's hard truth, in Hennepin County.

  • Youth and Community Outreach

    The best way to control crime is to prevent it before it happens. Our Hennepin County Sheriff’s office needs to work with our youth through community outreach programs to prevent the downward spiral of crime. Visibility of our officers in the community is the only way to rebuild trust while improving public safety. It won’t be easy, but it’s necessary.

  • Leadership in Our Communities

    The Hennepin County Sheriff's office should be a leader in transparency and communication. But when a crisis hit our communities, our current Sheriff became invisible. And the few times he has spoken, he hasn’t said anything. We need a Sheriff who will show up to lead with a plan that tells the truth, especially when it’s difficult.